Akademisches Konfuzius-Institut an der Georg-August-Universität Göttingen

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Seit seiner Eröffnung im Jahr 2014 war das Akademische Konfuzius-Institut Veranstalter oder Mitveranstalter bei einer Vielzahl von Vorträgen, Konferenzen, internationalen Workshops und anderen Veranstaltungen. Zahlreiche führende China-Experten einer Vielzahl

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Academic activities

  • Lecture Prof. Wang Hui (Tsinghua University): The Beginning of the Century: A Reconsideration on the 20th Century in Chinese/Global History (12. Juli 2017)
  • Lecture Prof. Yu Baorong, MD, MPH, Ph.D: Healthcare Pricing System and Provider Payment in China (05. Juli 2017)
  • Vortrag Prof. Michael Schoenhals, Lund Univ., Sweden: „Are they reading our mail? – Postüberwachung in the early People’s Republic of China“ (07. Juni 2017)
  • Lecture/讲座 Prof. YAN Shuangwu / 严双伍教授 一带一路倡议:缘起、发展和前景 (The Chinese“One Belt, one road”Initiative: Its origin, development and perspectives) (26. Mai 2017)
  • Vortrag Prof. XIAO Huafeng: „Cultural Imperialism and Americanization in China“ (17. Mai 2017)
  • Prof. XU Guoqi (Hong Kong University): „Chinese and Americans: A Shared History“ (15. Mai 2017)
  • Vortrag Prof. Dr. Yong LIANG (Universität Trier): „Sinologische Aspekte einer interkulturellen Linguistik“ (27. April 2017)
  • Vortrag Prof. Martin Powers (Univ. of Michigan): „The Shared Struggle for Freer Speech in Early Modern China and England“ (24. April 2017)
  • Vortrag Prof. Dr. PAN Rui (Fudan University): „China-United States Relations under Changing Circumstances: Past, Present and Prospect“ (18. April 2017)
  • Tagesworkshop Fachdidaktik Chinesisch: Current Best Practices in U.S. Chinese Language Education (Cynthia Ning 任友梅, University of Hawaii) (11. Februar 2017)
  • Ritual and Conversion in the Early Modern World: A case Study of Mary, Mazu, and Mariners (12. Dezember 2016)
  • The Study of Modern India at Chinese Universities (01. Dezember 2016)
  • Religion and Society in People’s Republic of China (22. November 2016)
  • Confucian Role Ethics: A Challenge to the Ideology of Individualism (09. November 2016)
  • Sino-German Symposium on Social Computing (29. August 2016)
  • Chinese Humanities in the Global Era (06. Juli 2016)
  • Common Elements of an Axial Age? (06. Juli 2016)
  • China in the Global Humanities (06. Juli 2016)
  • Roundtable Discussion: Regionalizing the Global, Globalizing the Regional: An interdisciplinary conversation (23. Juni 2016)
  • Lecture by Prof. Dr. Prasenjit Duara (Duke University): Sustainability and Crisis of Transcendence: An Asian Perspective (22. Juni 2016)
  • Vortrag Prof. Dr. Li Xuetao: Buddhismus im heutigen China (15. Juni 2016)
  • VortragProf. Dr. Ren Weidong (Beijing Foreign Studies University): Kafka in China – Rezeptionsgeschichte eines Klassikers der Moderne (13. Juni 2016)
  • Lecture by Prof. Dr. LIM Jie-Hyun (Sogang University): The Revolution Comes to the East: colonial Modernity, National Subjectivity and Subaltern Everydayness (13. Juni 2016)
  • Besuch des Konuzius-Instituts (Hanban) (19. Mai 2016)
  • Visit to Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) (17. Mai 2016)
  • Lecture by Prof. Dr. Jin Guangyao (Fudan University): China in 1968: From The Red Guard Movement to the Sent Down Youth Movement (20. April 2016)
  • Lecture by Prof. Dr. Kent Deng (London School of Economics and Political Science): Rethinking China’s Place in Global History Comparatively (16. Februar 2016)
  • Lecture by Prof. Dr. Simon C. Partner (Duke University): Transformative Spaces of 19th Century East Asia: A Japanese Merchant’s Experience of Treaty Port Yokohama (02. Februar 2016)
  • Lecture by Prof. Xiong Yuegen (Jacobs University Bremen, Beijing University): Individual Power and the Politics of Welfare in China: Bringing Persons Back in Institutional Analysis (15. Dezember 2015)
  • Bewertung der Weltgeschichte in einer sich verändernden Welt (27. Oktober 2015)
  • 19. Fachtagung des Fachverbands Chinesisch e.V. (24. September 2015)

  • Cultural activities

  • Lecture by Prof. Dr. Frederick Lau (University of Hawai at Manoa): Listening to Chinese Music (27. Juni 2016)
  • Lecture by Prof. Dr. Frederick Lau (University of Hawai at Manoa): Modern Chinese Music (26. Mai 2016)
  • Chinesisches Neujahresfest (03. Februar 2016)
  • Chinese New Year Grand Performance (30. Januar 2016)
  • Aktuelle Termine