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线上讲座 Online Lectures 李泉教授 Prof. LI Quan, 中国人民大学 Renmin University of China

February 11, 2023, 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

汉字与汉语之关系及信息化时代语文方式视域下的汉字教学 – The relationship between Chinese characters and language and methods of teaching characters in the information age

讲座要点 Key points of the lecture

汉字兼具文字和语素双重属性,因而,汉字与汉语具有双重关系:既是文字跟语言之书写与被书写关系,也是语言单位跟语言之构成与被构成关系,这是汉语独特性的重要表现。网络信息化时代中文语言文字生活的常态是:(输入)拼音+(提取)汉字。拼音与汉字成了“捆绑文字”,并且拼音成了“首选文字”,汉字成了“被提取的文字”,这种语文生活方式不可逆转。基于以上认识,本讲进一步探讨汉字教学的新理念和新方法: (1) 常规汉语教学必须教授汉字,学汉字就是学汉语; (2) 常规汉字教学应讲授字理字义; (3) 常规汉字教学应进行有限的书写教学; (4)常规汉字教学应以输入拼音提取字词训练为核心

Chinese characters have dual characteristics as characters and morphemes, therefore, Chinese characters have a twofold relationship with the Chinese language: On one hand there is the relationship between writing and being written, on the other hand the relationship of language units with the constitution and the “being-constituted” of language. This mirrors the unique character of the Chinese language. In the age of network communication, Chinese writing often takes place in the form: input (pinyin) + extract (Chinese characters). Pinyin and Chinese characters have become “bundled characters”, in which Pinyin has become the “preferred characters”, and Chinese characters have become “extracted characters” – a process that is irreversible. Based on the above understanding, this lecture discusses new concepts and methods of Chinese character teaching: (1) Chinese teaching must teach Chinese characters, learning Chinese characters means learning Chinese; (2) Chinese character teaching should teach character theory and meaning; (3) Chinese character teaching should carry out limited writing teaching; and (4) Chinese character teaching should focus on the training of inputting pinyin and extracting words.

主讲人简介 About the Lecturer


Prof. Li is professor at the School of International Cultural Exchange of the Renmin University of China. He also serves as a member of the Steering Committee of the National Postgraduate Education Steering Committee for Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, the vice chairman of the Beijing Linguistics Association, the executive director of the World Chinese Language Teaching Association, and a member of the editorial board of the journals “World Chinese Teaching” and “Language Application”. Having been teaching Chinese as a foreign language for 35 years, and having been invited to give short-term lectures in more than a dozen countries including Europe, America and Africa, Prof. Li has won the National Award for Outstanding Teachers of Chinese as a Foreign Language, and the second prize of the Beijing Award for Outstanding Achievements in Philosophy and Social Sciences. He authored five monographs, presided over more than ten scientific research projects, such as projects under the National Social Science Fund, edited and co-edited 13 anthologies, textbooks, etc., edited 34 supporting textbooks for the national textbook “Developing Chinese (Second Edition)” series, and published over 130 scientific papers.

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讲座将用中文进行  This lecture will be held in Chinese.


February 11, 2023
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
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