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魔力好声音 ——中文语音与表达训练工作坊 – Magic Voice Workshop —— Pronunciation Modeling and Speech Training of Chinese

April 21, 2021, 13:00 - 14:30












平台:Zoom 会议



Do you have any doubts about your Chinese pronunciation? Do you want to learn a more accurate method to pronounce Chinese? Have you ever paid attention to your own voice, and do you hope to get a rich voice? No two voices are ever exactly alike. Your voice shows your style and temperament. In communication, you first consider how to achieve the expected purpose, and you hope that your voice characteristics can optimize the interaction. Welcome to join the “Magic Voice” workshop led by Ms. Ye Qi, to develop your voice, speak Chinese well, and enrich your expression.


Ye Qi,  Class-I anchor, senior media professional, guest professor at Zhejiang University of Media and Communications (ZUMC), voice director and dubbing actor. She graduated from ZUMC with a BA degree in Broadcasting and Hosting and a MA certificate in Communication Management at HongKong University. She has founded the Frog Theater Group and works as its artist director. She is currently an independent theater educator. She is a jury member of the Character Voice Competition of China international cartoon and animation festival. She also sits on juries of  different provincial youth and children competitions for public speaking.


4.07: How to get a quality voice? Improve your vocal tone and develop it into unique brand.

4.14: How to enhance the charmof voice? Learn language skills to make communication effective.

4.21: How to be magic with voice?Do performances and create 72 distinctly different voices.

Registration: Fill in and submit the Magic Voice Workshop Registration Form.

Deadline: April 2nd

Contacts: Yumin Ao, Lihua Ni

Platform: Zoom Meeting