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MENG Dehong (BFSU), „对比语义视角下的汉字教学 Teaching Chinese Characters from the Perspective of Contrastive Semantics“

November 7, 2020, 12:00 - 14:30



Key points of the lecture

The Chinese character 笔 bǐ means „there are hairs under the bamboo tube”, whilst the English word “pen“ derives from the Latin word for “feather“; the character “著“ zhù suggests that the Chinese used to write down characters on “grass“, whilst the English word “paper“ derives directly from the Latin term “papyrus“; the character “书契“ shūqì records the idea of “carving“, and at the same time, the etymology of the English word “write“ reveals its original meaning of “carving“ as well… Apparently, the human writing system is full of consistencies If those consistencies were to be revealed and explained
adequately, they should serve as a useful resource for learners of Chinese as a foreign language to further enhance the ability of character self studying and the acquisition of Chinese characters in general. This lecture will explain some key thoughts on teaching Chinese characters in an Indo European environment from the perspective of comparative semantics. By means of concrete examples, we will connect the common grounds of the human writing systems, and show how to effectively promote students’ interest, strengthen their learning motivation and, hence, improve their study results

About the Lecturer

孟德宏, 北京师范大学语言学及应用语言学博士, 古典文献学硕士, 北京
外国语大学中国语言文学学院对外汉语系主任, 北京中外文化交流研究基
地研究员 。 在多种重要期刊报章发表论文多篇, 著有 《 其有词理– 第二
语言教学汉英字词语义对比分析 42 例 》 主要学术兴趣及研究方向为词汇
语义学 对外汉语教学 。 具有丰富的汉语第二语言教学经验与国际汉语教
师培训经验 。
MENG Dehong holds a PhD in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics from the Beijing Normal University, where he also achieved his master’s degree in Classical Philology. He is the chairman of the Department of Chinese as a Foreign Language at the Faculty of Chinese Language and Literature at the Beijing Foreign Studies University, and a researcher at the Beijing Research Base of Sino Foreign Cultural Exchange. His papers were published numerous times in various important journals he is the author of „其有词 理 第二语言教学汉英字词语义对比 分析 42 例“ („It makes sense – a comparative analysis of 42 examples of Chinese and English semantics in the context of second language teaching“). His primary research interests focus on Semantics and Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. He has abundant experience in teaching Chinese as a second language and international Chinese teacher trainings 2020.

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讲座将用中文进行 This lecture will be held in Chinese


November 7, 2020
12:00 - 14:30


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