Academic Confucius Institute at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen

Prof. Dr. Yan Guohua 闫国华教授

Vice President, Beijing Foreign Studies University

Cambridge University, UK, and his Ph.D. in Education Economics is from Beijing Normal University. Dr. Yan also served as a research fellow in the School of Education, University of Manchester.
Dr. Yan has worked in Chinese Ministry of Education for more than 30 years, responsible for international cooperation and exchanges, especially education cooperative programs, ranging from early childhood education, secondary education, teacher training to higher education programs in collaboration with UNESCO, UNICEF, UNDP and the World Bank. Dr. Yan has rich experience home and abroad, taking field trips to all the provinces in China and more than 60 countries in the world, including the Headquarters of the United Nations and many UN organizations. His global vision and years of working in the Ministry of Education help him better understand China’s education policy and its development in different historic periods. It also enables him to view things from cross-cultural, comprehensive and strategic perspective.
Dr. Guohua Yan received his Bachelor Degree from Beijing Foreign Studies University, which is the best university in foreign language and cultural studies as well as the Cradle of Diplomats in China. His Master Degree of Education is from University of Cambridge, UK, and his Ph.D was from Beijing Normal University in Education Economics. With his deep insights in his publications, he served as a research fellow in the School of Education, University of Manchester.
Dr. Yan served as Education councilor in the Chinese Embassy in New Zealand and the United States for more than six years, which helped him gain a deep understanding of the education system, cultural traditions and the people in the above two countries.
Now as the Vice President of Beijing Foreign Studies University in charge of international cooperation and exchanges, a challenging as well as rewarding post, Dr. Yan has dedicated himself to his Alma Mater with great passion and determination.