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线上讲座 Online Lectures – 如何让学生爱学汉语 How to make students love learning Chinese

2023年1月28日, 09:00 - 10:30



Key points of the lecture:

The stimulation of students’ learning motivation is doubtless one of the key challenges of teachers in practice. After an analysis of different types of learning motives of Chinese learners and the relationship between motivation and learning outcomes, this lecture explores various means and methods of enhance students’ learning motivation from different perspectives, such as leaners’ needs, goal setting and levels of difficulty.



丁安琪 中国人民大学博士,华东师范大学国际汉语文化学院副院长兼国际汉语教师研修基地副主任,教授,世界汉语教学学会标准与评估专委会副主任委员,上海市语文学会理事。主要研究领域为国际中文教育、国际中文教师教育,主持或作为主要成员参与教育部语合中心《国际中文教学通用课程大纲》研制与《国际中文教师标准》修订工作。发表学术论文七十余篇,出版专著《汉语作为第二语言学习者研究》及《汉语作为第二语言学习者实证研究》(合著),作为主编或主要作者参与编写多部教材,主编《我的课堂活动设计笔记》系列丛书,多次参与海外本土汉语教师培训。

Prof. Ding received her PhD from the Renmin University and is currently deputy dean of the International Chinese Culture College and deputy director of the International Chinese Teacher Training Base of the East China Normal University. She also functions as vice chairwoman of the Standards and Evaluation Committee of the World Association for Chinese Language Teaching and as director of the Shanghai Chinese Language Association. Her main fields of research include international Chinese language education and international Chinese teacher education. She presided over and participated as a key member in the development of the “General Curriculum Syllabus for International Chinese Teaching” and the revision of the “International Chinese Teacher Standards” by the Language Coordination Center of the Chinese Ministry of Education. She has published over 70 academic papers as well as the monographs “Research on Learning Chinese as a Second Language” and “Empirical Research on Learning Chinese as a Second Language” (co-authored). The “My Classroom Activity Design Notes” series of books has participated in the training of overseas local Chinese teachers for many times. As the editor-in-chief or the main author, she participated in the compilation of several textbooks, edited the “My Classroom Activity Design Notes” series of books, and participated in the training of local Chinese teachers around the globe for many times.


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讲座将用中文进行  This lecture will be held in Chinese.

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This lecture will be held in Chinese. 讲座将用中文进行。


09:00 - 10:30


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