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六月 2020

He Yiwei 何一薇 (BFSU/ Universität Göttingen): 汉语教学培训 线上讲座 Chinese Teacher Training Online Lecture: 基于实用交际原则的汉语教学 Teaching Chinese on the Principle of Practical Communication

Jun 12, 14:00 - 15:00

讲座要点:通过真实案例,分享教学心得,汉语教学中应将实用交际原则贯彻始终。 如何让汉语课堂变得高效有吸引力? 重视有意义的输入 实用且具针对性 实用且具典型性 实用且具可控性 如何调动学生的学习自主性和积极性? 实用且具直观启发性 实用且具交际性 Key points of the lecture: The principle of practical communication should be implemented in the teaching of Chinese as a second language based on analyzing real cases and sharing teaching experience. How to improve the efficiency of the Chinese language classroom and raise its appeal: Attach importance to meaningful input Be focused Give functional examples Implement clear and controllable tasks How to mobilize students’ learning autonomy and enthusiasm: Implement intuitive and…

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