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Februar 2021

汉语语言要素集训式 线上工作坊/讲座 Online-Fortbildung zum Thema: „Intensivtraining zu den Sprachelementen des Chinesischen“ 2021

Feb 27, 09:00 - 12:00
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Eine Veranstaltung um 09:00 Uhr am Januar 30, 2021

Eine Veranstaltung um 09:00 Uhr am Februar 6, 2021

Eine Veranstaltung um 09:00 Uhr am Februar 20, 2021

Eine Veranstaltung um 09:00 Uhr am Februar 27, 2021

活动目标 Ziele der Fortbildung 帮助海外汉语教师复习、巩固汉语语言本体知识 Wiederholung und Festigung des Wissens von ChaF-Lehrkräften über die Grundlagen der chinesischen Sprache 细化语言教学内容,优化教学环节 Konkretisierung sprachlicher Lehrinhalte, Optimierung des Lehr-Lern-Prozesses 交流汉语教学经验 Austausch von Erfahrungen zum ChaF-Unterricht 系列工作坊讲座安排  Ablauf der Fortbildung   讲座 Vortrag 时间 Zeit 主讲人 Lektor 内容 Thema 第一讲 Vortrag 1 2021年1月23日,德国时间 09:00-12:00 23. Januar 2021, 9:00-12:00 Uhr CET 杨玉玲 Yuling YANG 语法及语法教学(1) Grammatik und Grammatikdidaktik (1) 第二讲 Vortrag 2 2021年1月30日,德国时间 09:00-12:00 30. Januar 2021, 9:00-12:00 Uhr CET 杨玉玲 Yuling YANG 语法及语法教学(2) Grammatik und…

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安东·八甫洛维奇·契诃夫 《熊》The Bear by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov

Feb 27, 13:00 - 16:00

Manner: Participants will read dramas and do some role-play exercises together via video or voice calls. Being an auditor is also welcome. Synopsis: The pompous widow vowed to keep faithful to her husband for the rest of her life. When she met the rude and irrational male debt collector, what kind of chemistry would happen between them? Anyone interested in Chekhov’s farce The Bear is welcome to participate in the activity. Place: Online (Zoom ID: 951 5232 7696) Email:…

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März 2021

“Contemporary Theater Performance” Seminar Series No. 3

Mrz 18, 14:00 - 15:30

Abstract How can we rethink Chinese-language theatres from the perspective of the transnational? What are the advantages of looking at the performance cultures of the Chinese-speaking world through a trans-Asian lens? What can the “trans-” signify in the performances of the Sinophone? Unlike the field of Sinophone cinemas, where “trans-” approaches, particularly the transnational, have been debated widely, there has not yet been a comprehensive theoretical reflection of the agentive implications of trans-ing for the performances of the contemporary Sinosphere,…

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Online Script Reading – 喻荣军《WWW.COM》Yu Rongjun WWW.COM

Mrz 27, 13:00 - 16:30

Synopsis: People believe that one of the beauties of the internet is the anonymity of their identity. Ai Yang and Cheng Zhuo develop a kind of online romance but haven't revealed their "real" identity to one another. Will they take their online relationship to the next level. What would happen if they met in real life? Platform: Zoom 950 7540 0640 Language: Chinese  Email: For more information about the Chinese Theater in Goettingen, please click here.

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April 2021

魔力好声音 ——中文语音与表达训练工作坊 – Magic Voice Workshop —— Pronunciation Modeling and Speech Training of Chinese

Apr 7, 13:00 - 14:30
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Eine Veranstaltung, die im Abstand von 1 Woche(n) um 13:00 Uhr am Mittwoch stattfindet und bis April 21, 2021 wiederholt wird.

介绍: 您是否对于自己的中文发音存有疑虑?您是否想掌握更准确的发音技巧?您是否留意过自己的声音,并希望它的色彩更丰富?人的声音不同,它展现个人独有的风格与气质。交流首要考虑的是如何达到沟通的目的,那么如何发挥声音特质促进与他人之间的互动?欢迎加入叶琪女士带领的工作坊——“声音的魔力”,学习塑造声音形象,练习说好普通话,改善您的中文表达。 简历: 叶琪,国家一级播音员,资深传媒人,浙江传媒学院影视配音班客座教授,配音导演及演员。毕业于浙江传媒学院播音主持专业,香港大学传媒管理硕士。创立青蛙戏剧并担任剧团艺术总监,现为独立戏剧教育者。多次担任中国国际动漫节声优大赛决赛评委,省级青少年语言类大赛评委。 安排: 4月7日:如何打造质感好声音?学习改善音色,制作您个人的声音名片。 4月14日:如何提升声音的魅力?掌握语言表达技巧,让沟通更加有效。 4月21日:如何成为声音魔法师?表演初体验,让您的声音72变。 报名:填写并提交声音的魔力工作坊报名表。 截止:4月2日 联系:敖玉敏、倪黎华 平台:Zoom 会议   Introduction: Do you have any doubts about your Chinese pronunciation? Do you want to learn a more accurate method to pronounce Chinese? Have you ever paid attention to your own voice, and do you hope to get a rich voice? No two voices are ever exactly alike. Your voice shows your style and temperament. In communication, you first consider how to achieve the expected purpose, and…

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