Academic Confucius Institute at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen

Wang Hui 汪辉

Capital Normal University

My name is Wang, Hui. I received my M.A. degree in Capital Normal University, Beijing. During this period, I put my focus on Global History, especially the historiography of Global History. My thesis was about Bruce Mazlish’s concept of New Global History and his construction of global civilization, investigating his perception of globalization and history itself. After this theoretical training stage, I continued my academic career as a doctoral student at CNU. Now my study primarily centers on understanding current globalization and its roots in the past from the perspective of connections and interactions.
I came to Goettingen in October 2016 as a visiting scholar. As one of the top-rank universities in Germany, the Goettingen University has relatively strong international connections with outside world in most fields, which is also a reason that attracted me here and interests me. I am here for three purposes: to trace the situation or development of the Global History, this historical field in Germany; to collect materials for my own study; by experiencing the liberal, pluralistic, relativist academic atmosphere in the university embodied in varies fields to investigate the globalization in academy.