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Prof. HUANG Li 黄立 (Peking University): 构式语法视野下的语法习得研究 (Construction Grammar and the Study of Second Language Acquisition of Chinese Grammar)

Juli 3, 2019, 18:00 - 20:00

摘要: 汉语作为第二语言(外语)的语法习得研究近二三十年来取得不少的研究成果,这一方面表现在研究的问题不断深入具体,另一方面也表现在语法习得研究的理论视野在不断拓宽。近年来,随着构式语法、语言类型学等相关理论和方法的发展,汉语语法习得的研究正在走上一个新的台阶。过去的中介语偏误分析、习得顺序和习得步骤的描写与解释可以结合构式语法的相关理论和汉语构式研究的有关成果,通过对中介语语法项目中形式与意义的配对分析,更好地发现、描写和解释汉语语法的习得规律和进程,并将其运用到汉语第二语言教学中,从而提高教学效率。

Abstract: The study of grammar acquisition of Chinese as a second /foreign language has achieved a lot of research results in the past decades, which is not only reflected by the further progression of research, but also by the constant expanding of research on theoretical perspectives of grammar acquisition. In recent years, the study of Chinese grammar acquisition has taken new steps along with the development of relevant theories and methods in construction grammar and linguistic typology. Error analysis of interlanguage, the description and explanation of order and/or sequence of grammar acquisition can be linked to relevant theories of construction grammar and specifically of Chinese construction. Through analysis of form-meaning mapping in interlanguage grammar, the discovery, description and explanation of the developmental patterns in grammar acquisition have improved, and those aspects can be more easily applied to Chinese second language teaching, and thus raise teaching efficiency.


The lecture will be held in Chinese language.

简介:黄立,北京大学对外汉语教育学院副教授。从事汉语第二语言教学工作26年,给留学生讲授过初、中、高级各类汉语课程;为对外汉语、汉语国际教育专业研究生开设过“专业英语导读”“第二语言习得”“专业写作”等课程。主要研究兴趣为汉语语法习得与教学、汉语教学法等。参与编写汉语教材5部十余册 ,合作出版专著两部,发表论文十余篇。曾赴美国、泰国、德国(柏林孔院)等国从事汉语教学和汉语师资培训。

Prof. HUANG Li is an associate professor at the School of Chinese as a Second Language at Peking University. He has been teaching Chinese as a second/foreign language for twenty six years in elementary, middle and advanced courses, and has also offered courses in “Guided Reading in Academic English”, “Second Language Acquisition” and “Academic Writing” for graduate students majoring in Chinese as a Foreign Language and Chinese. His main research interests are Chinese grammar acquisition, teaching methods. Prof. Huang has also participated in the compilation of more than 10 Chinese textbooks, co-published two monographs, and published more than ten papers. Having been to the United States and Thailand, he also worked for two years as Chinese director at the Confucius Institute of Berlin in the fields of Chinese language teaching and Chinese language teacher training.


Juli 3, 2019
18:00 - 20:00


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